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Carbon and Bioinnovation

The notion of corporate success has changed. It is not enough to achieve expressive numbers and results. Responsible companies need to be aware of the impacts generated throughout the production chain, from the extraction of raw material to the moment the product is discarded.

This demand comes from civil society, the government and major players in the international community who constantly meet to discuss good practices and agreements.

At GSS, we closely monitor all these movements to act quickly and efficiently, helping companies to achieve results in the best possible way: respecting our planet, mitigating their GHG emissions and valuing Brazilian biodiversity. Thus, we walk hand in hand with our customers and partners who are concerned with growing more sustainably.

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GSS is a reference in consulting with national and international institutions, providing guidance to ensure compliance with the Law 13,123 and the Nagoya Protocol, acting in all stages of the process.

Climate Changes

With national and international experience, GSS serves its clients with a view to transitioning to a low-carbon economy and meeting the objectives of the Climate Convention.

Membership in Councils

Participating in Executive and Advisory Boards, we help organizations to understand their objectives, create indicators, measure, report, facilitating the process for meeting goals and making companies leaders in ESG issues. We work closely and continuously with customized deliveries.

Innovation & Engagement

GSS is part of the creation of three major innovative solutions in its areas of expertise. VBIO, ORMA and Repenso are some of our initiatives to drive big changes capable of offering greater stakeholder engagement and innovation in the way of building a fairer and more sustainable planet.

Our solutions.

Our clients.

Credibility and trust are the basis of our relationships. More than customers, we are partners in building a better world.


Over the course of its activities, GSS was responsible for conducting, coordinating, and executing more than 1000 projects in the areas of climate change, biodiversity and corporate sustainability.

Climate Management in the Energy Sector

The GSS team worked on the climate management of a renewable energy generation company, carrying out awareness-raising, inventory of GHG and CDP emissions in its operations in Peru, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Decarbonization of the Acai Chain

The GSS team carried out work to quantify emissions in the life cycle analysis of the açaí chain in the interior of Pará and identified the impact and use of the açaí seed as a renewable energy source.

“GSS showed valuable developing validation procedures for the sustainable solutions and services we offer to food-service providers of our clients in the United States. They have provided straight forward, personable consulting in financial, legal, and environmental aspects of our projects. In all instances GSS delivered its services on-time and on-budget, which enhanced our ability to deliver excellent services to our customers.”

Joseph Casey 

Diretor Geral | Clean Green Horizons

“We worked with GSS on the Cabeólica CDM registration process. Although the process was extremely complex, GSS quickly led the company to successful completion and today we are proudly registered as a CDM project and trading our credits. We were very impressed with the extreme dedication and professionalism shown by GSS throughout the entire process.”

Ana Monteiro 

Environmental, Social and Administrative Head | Cabeólica S.A.

“Fundamentally developed under a business model of forming strategic and specific partnerships for each client, GSS invited the company to look at the topic of Greenhouse Gases from the perspective of innovation and opportunities. In addition, the perceived commitment to ethics, assertiveness, and effectiveness in the conduct of the process and the quality of deliveries, are for us at Enaex, differentials of great value.”

Vanuza Sennes 

Sustainability Coordinator | Enaex Britanite




GSS was responsible for several studies in the areas of climate change and biodiversity. The publications are references for academy, industry, and governments inside and outside Brazil.

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