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The transition to a low carbon economy has already begun.


Operating countries.


GHG inventories.


Neutral Carbon Events.


Million Credits Generated.

How we can help.

Carbon Credit

We operate throughout the entire project cycle, from the feasibility study to the commercialization of the carbon credits generated. We have experience in projects both under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and in Voluntary Markets (Verra, Social Carbon, Gold Standard, CCB, GCC).

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

The inventory is an important tool in climate management, responsible for quantifying the emissions of greenhouse gases related to its activity and which will indicate the paths to a low carbon operation. GSS prepares inventories meeting the main market demands (INEA 64, Selo Clima, Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, CETESB 254 and ISO 14064)

Compensation of GHG Emissions

GSS has a portfolio of socio-environmental projects to offset GHG emissions in a transparent manner and using the most recognized standards in the market. Furthermore, we have a team specialized in responsible communication and prepared for possible demands with the most different audiences.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is the quantification of GHG emissions resulting from the life cycle of a product. Through methodologies recognized in the market, GSS analyzes a product from the extraction of raw material to its final destination. This work makes it possible for companies to identify the possibilities of efficiency within their production process.

Carbon Pricing

In transitioning from today's economy to a low-carbon economy, it is essential for companies to be able to cost the impacts of their greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding the domestic price of carbon will drive companies to invest in low carbon projects.

Carbon Disclosure Project - CDP

The companies that participate in the CDP, we advise them in acting in three phases: the first phase is to carry out a diagnosis of the company, identifying all its GHG emissions, climate governance, policies, actions, risks and existing opportunities; in the second phase, we filled out the questionnaire online, using the information from the initial diagnosis, in accordance to CDP regulations; and finally, we advise on the assessment and communication of results.

GHG Emissions Mitigation Plan

The mitigation plan provides all the information necessary for a company to understand its main impacts on the climate and assist in decision making in the application of low carbon actions. The results of a plan clearly and practically present the most effective carbon cost for the reduction of each GHG emission, aligned with an implementation schedule. It is the main guide to achieving a reduction target.

SBTI (Science-Based Target)

GSS helps companies to comply with SBTi guidelines by seeking to develop methods for setting goals that are in accordance with science and for evaluating emission scenarios associated with these methods. Companies should prepare to apply a target that is based on global reduction targets, aligned with existing scientific knowledge.

Advisory to the Board

Climate change has been gaining more relevance in strategic discussions within companies' boards of directors. GSS, through its partners, provides strategic advice to directors and executive committees. This service aims to engage board members in debating the topic in a reasoned manner and contributing to the continuous improvement of climate management, identifying market risks and opportunities.

Acting with Brazilian and international companies.

GSS serves its clients in order to fulfill the Climate Convention objective of achieving stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that prevents dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

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