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Our country's most precious asset.


participation in the Cgen plenary sessions with institutional representation for more than 60 companies.


mapped raw materials.


countries analyzed in the context of ABS standards.


records in sisgen.

Working with Brazilian and international institutions.

GSS is a reference in advising national and international institutions, advising them to ensure that companies comply with the Law 13.123 and the Nagoya Protocol.

We have a portfolio of activities that comprises about 60 activities related to ABS - access and benefit sharing.

Our client relationships go beyond the provision of services and become long-term partnerships and integrated advice on the subject.

Management for the sustainable use of biodiversity and community relations.


  • Development of activities and strategies related to the use of biodiversity, access to genetic heritage, associated traditional knowledge and benefit sharing.

  • Guidance on best practices in Benefit Sharing and Relationships with Communities and creation of Policies.

  • Participatory diagnosis of local communities.

  • Field activities for managing the use of Biodiversity.

  • Monitoring of benefit sharing projects and monitoring of indicators.

  • Prospecting for inputs, raw materials and potential communities that provide genetic resources.

  • Participatory construction of community protocols.

  • Community development, strengthening of local associations and cooperatives.


Market intelligence and publications.

GSS has already produced several ABS – Access and Benefit Sharing theme –  studies, booklets and guides.

On a necessity from customers and partners, GSS was responsible for the first technical guide on the Law 13,123 of 2015, an unprecedented study that compiled the main ABS laws in the world, as well as the report to the 2018 Presidential candidates on the potential of the bioeconomy for Brazil.


We are partners and part of the main studies on the use of Brazilian biodiversity, and we prepare strategic mapping reports on the topic in Brazil and in the world.

We offer integrated advisory services to leverage business with clients and we provide strategic advisory services to associations, federations, unions and research institutions and even public bodies.


Regulatory activities: registration and notification in SISGEN.

We have a highly qualified regulatory team to carry out registrations on SisGen. Registration services go beyond the mere registration of information in the system as they are a strategic activity. We operate with a focus on risk analysis and care with the confidentiality of the information provided. With formal representation in the system for more than 50 institutions, we have more than 2000 records in SisGen.

Some of the records made by our team include the institutional register; access register - research and/or technological development; shipping; finished product notification; accountability and monitoring of activities; preparation of TTM - Material Transfer Term and association and representativeness of a foreign company for access registration.


Strategic consulting, training, and flow building.

We like to monitor the activities of companies and to help defining their Policy for the use of socio-biodiversity assets and definitions of internal rules. Some of our activities in this context include consultations and specific doubts from our customers, risk assessment of activities, preparation of technical opinions and strategic guidance in conducting the issue internally and with stakeholders.

GSS offers in-company training services that include not only training on legal and technical concepts related to the Biodiversity Law, but also the functioning and use of SisGen - Electronic System for the Management of Genetic Heritage and Associated Traditional Knowledge. We assist companies in building their internal flows and other rules to facilitate the management and governance of the topic of biodiversity in institutions.

Our customers become partners. Most companies have been with GSS for more than 5 years and with this our activities have become continuous monitoring with customers. We are part of the governance of the biodiversity issue in the day-to-day activities of companies, offering what we call integrated advice.


Adequacy, regularization of activities and monitoring of inspections by IBAMA.

We advise institutions in understanding their activities with regard to compliance with ABS standards and assist in the entire adaptation process. The process ranges from the identification of Brazilian biodiversity inputs, assessment of the framework of activities in the time frame to define any regularization of activities developed during Provisional Measure 2,186 of 2011, adequacy of activities carried out since the validity of the new Biodiversity Law and monitoring of the inspection actions that triggered IBAMA's Terra Brasilis Operations.

The regularization process involves signing a Term of Commitment with the Secretariat of Biodiversity - SBio of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), monitoring the negotiations with the Department of Genetic Heritage (DPG), formulating an annex of activities and defining the products to be regularized, until their respective registration in SisGen and obtaining the Discharge Term.

The regularization of access activities must be carried out not only by national institutions but also by foreign companies that have manufactured products with assets from Brazilian biodiversity. The deadlines for this situation are still open as defined by MMA Ordinance 199 of 2020.


Diagnosis and risk assessment on the use of Brazilian biodiversity.

GSS has already mapped more than 3000 raw materials used by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector. The objective of this activity is to identify which species are considered genetic heritage in Brazil that fall under the access registration rules. We provide services for analysis of the center of origin of the supplies and ingredients used as raw materials of the most varied products used by the industry. Our evaluation comprises the evaluation of the portfolio of final products and supplies, and we have – as a differential – a technical and in-depth look at the analyses.

Our assessments can be done in a simplified or detailed format and comprise risk assessment of the raw materials portfolio; simplified evaluation of the raw material or input; technical diagnosis on the center of origin with a focus on Brazilian legislation; assessment under the Nagoya Protocol; technical framework of the supplies according to the center of origin and place of collection, within the scope of Brazilian legislation and the Nagoya Protocol.


Management for the sustainable use of biodiversity, benefit sharing and community relations.

Among the works that generate the most pride for our team are those that involve traditional communities, family farmers and indigenous populations. GSS offers full support services to institutions seeking to develop Benefit Sharing Policies and community relations. Our main activities involve participatory diagnosis to characterize traditional communities; conduct of Community Protocols; conducting the materiality process to define the sharing of benefits; training for traditional communities on the Biodiversity Law and related topics and monitoring of benefit sharing projects.

We also work to define the best benefit-sharing practices, evaluate the requirements defined by Ordinance 144 of 2021 of the MMA and conduct the entire administrative process for the construction of the dossier for the presentation of the Benefit-Sharing Agreement - ARB, negotiation of the Project with the DPG, evaluation of the amount of net revenue and monitoring of the Project for accountability.


Associated Traditional Knowledge.

We believe that the great potential for innovation and the basis for the new concept of bioeconomy in the world is to carry out of research and development of products based on the traditional knowledge of native peoples, family farmers and traditional communities in Brazil. Brazil's wealth cannot be seen only by its vast territory and native forests. The true guardians of the forests are those people who still live in the countryside and in the forests and are knowledgeable about the secrets of plants and animals.

GSS values this knowledge and encourages our customers and partners to invest in innovation based on traditional use.

That is why our premise is to offer services to monitor the entire process of interlocution with traditional communities and research institutions, companies, and industries, helping to build long-term partnerships and transparent relationships, interlocution for the process of obtaining prior consent. and informed - PIC and negotiation of benefit sharing based on best practices and in a fair and equitable manner for all.


National and international courses, lectures, and events.

GSS is passionate about sharing knowledge! That is why we offer, in addition to in-company training, the formatting of specific courses on the subject with the production of didactic and complementary material. We are constantly invited to participate in national and international events as speakers and in the preparation of events related to the ABS - Access and benefit sharing theme.

We hope to contribute to the training of professionals and academics, preparing them for a better understanding of the Biodiversity Law and its importance for protecting our biodiversity, valuing traditional knowledge, and guaranteeing a fair and equitable sharing of benefits to Brazil and the holders. Our managing partner has already lectured at events in Cambodia, South Korea, Bolivia, Mexico, Paris. And, in Brazil, they have given more than 100 lectures on the subject and are considered one of the main experts on the subject.

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