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About GSS
Business Sustainability.

Our Purpose.

Our purpose is to help our partners to promote solutions for long-term sustainability that are relevant in their institutions, integrating the bioeconomy based on the valorization of socio-biodiversity and the low-carbon economy.

Main Values.

Our mission is to increase the visibility of socio-environmental issues and place them as a central point in the strategic decisions of institutions.

Together, we can build a stronger world!

Why are we different?







Carbon and Bioinnovation | ESG in practice

The notion of success for companies has changed. It is not enough to just achieve significant numbers and results. Responsible companies need to be aware of the impacts generated throughout the production chain, from the extraction of the raw material until the moment the product is discarded.

This demand comes from the civil society, the government, and from major players in the international community who constantly meet to discuss good practices and agreements.

GSS closely monitors all these movements to act quickly and efficiently, helping companies to achieve results in the best possible way: respecting our planet, mitigating its emissions, and conserving Brazilian biodiversity. Thus, we walk aligned with our customers and partners who are concerned with growing more sustainability.

Our vision for the future.

Why choose GSS.

GSS overcomes the barrier of a conventional consultancy. The founding partners bring the essence of work based on ethical principles and inspired by concrete results for our partners and society. This is the main legacy and teaching to our entire team; every team member is selected with great technical rigor to guarantee the same quality in the delivery of products and maintain our essence in building the best relationship with everyone.


We don’t search only for clients; our focus is to build relationships that bring the opportunity for us to work on challenging projects and take actions toward great results for the institutions that are part of our history and want to leave their mark on a more sustainable planet.


Our team is made up of professionals from different fields of study, highly qualified, with great technical capacity. They are professionals exclusively dedicated to GSS projects.

Get to know a little more about our interdisciplinarity and our qualifications.

Compliance and Confidentiality

GSS has more than 300 clients in its portfolio, operating in all segments of the economy, mainly in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness - primary and food industry -, energy, civil construction, retail, telecommunications, and biotechnology.

The focus of GSS's activities in these sectors reinforces our transparency and extreme rigor in the aspects of confidentiality, guaranteeing that we operate in the most correct way possible, in line with all the criteria of LGPD.
We have accumulated experience and vast knowledge about the way each sector operates.

Long term partnerships

More than creating a client portfolio, we build relationships.

Our purpose goes beyond the objectives of conventional consultancies that seek specific actions and solutions. We work together with our clients in search of permanent solutions and long-term projects.


The partners Francine and Paulo both have more than 20 years of their career dedicated to corporate sustainability, with more than half of this period dedicated exclusively to GSS. With a background in law and civil engineering, the areas of humanities and STEM come together to form a highly qualified consultancy.


Our company plays a fundamental role in the construction of Public Policies and forming opinion on topics in which it operates, with emphasis on the regulatory framework for biodiversity and the formation of the carbon market. Our team believes in the act of supporting a cause and make it a pillar of our work in direct involvement to promote behavioral and political changes.

Our Differentials.

Strategic partnership.

Throughout GSS's activities, we have always identified market challenges and innovative opportunities for our clients' transition to a low-carbon economy and valorization of Brazilian biodiversity.

Following this objective, we participated in the launch of three new companies that act in a unique way promoting sustainable development in their fields of operation.

Our Team.

We are specialized in providing complex and multidisciplinary environmental services, always with the participation of specialists in the subjects. The focus of our work is to generate sustainable and economical solutions to the needs of our customers and society.

We love getting to know new species of Brazilian biodiversity, engaging with communities, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, and seeing the customer smile when they read your sustainability report.

For this reason, when we align our convictions with our customers, we create a close relationship and deliver a result of excellence.

Francine Leal Franco

Managing Partner | Bioinnovation

  • LinkedIn - Francine Leal Franco

Paulo Zanardi Jr.

Managing Partner | Climate Change

  • LinkedIn - Paulo Zanardi Jr

Caroline Grassi

Manager | Bioinnovation

  • LinkedIn - Caroline Grassi

Gabriel Chaves

Manager | Climate Change

  • LinkedIn - Gabriel Chaves
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